As we all know, duct tape is a redneck’s best friend. With that in mind, it makes a lot of sense to make your own wallet from duct tape, right? Well, glad you agree, because that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

The first step in this process is to choose your own duct tape. It doesn’t matter what color or design you choose, to that should be a pretty easy step to take. Next, cut you four pieces of duct tape and 7 inch lengths. Connect them pieces together by barely overlapping them, while keeping the sticky side up. Now, do the same thing again but do it with the sticky side down right on top of the others. That right there gets you duct tape fabric. After that, fold the whole thing and half and trim off the extras on the sides. Of course, now you need to sell off the top edges with a little bit more tape torn in half and folded over both top edges. Trim off the excess on the sides to make it look all pretty.

We are now are at the point where we are ready to make some slots for our credit cards. You’re going to need to cut yourself three 14 inch sections off your duct tape roll. But one of those pieces directly on top of another piece, sticky side to sticky side. Now, rip up that third piece right down the middle and use it to sell off both sides like you did on the other piece above. Cut off the excess on both ends. You can now take this piece of duct tape fabric and cut it in links long enough to hold your credit cards or anything else you want to put in your wallet. Once you have your pockets in place on your wallet where you want them, you need to secure them in place with none other than duct tape. Secure the area down the middle first so you can hold all your pockets in place. As you take down the outside areas of the pockets, trim off the excess as you go.

After all those steps have been taken, fold your wallet in half with the pockets facing out. Use duct tape, of course, to tape the sides together to create your wallet. Trim off any excess so there’s no sticky stuff showing, fold the wallet in half the pockets facing in, then voilà! You now have yourself a certified duct tape wallet.

If you really want to get fancy-schmancy, you can use some of that special duct tape with all those interesting patterns on it. Then, all your redneck friends are going to want you to make them a wallet to carry around all they are cards and crap, too. Who knows, you may even be able to start your own side business selling duct tape wallets to all the rednecks in town. Worth a shot, right?