Duct tape has always been considered a handy man’s best friend, since it is versatile and can fix almost anything. Recently, duct tape has new challenger. FiberFix has now been introduced to the market and is said to be better than duct tape. Not only have the makers of FiberFix claimed it’s better than duct tape, but have said that it is 100 times stronger as well. It is also said to be impact, cold, and heat resistant.

So, is this going to be the rednecks new best friend? Maybe not, regardless of what Shark Tank says. For one, it is harder to use than duct tape since it must be soaked in water first then use quickly before it sets. Then again, if your local redneck is willing to take that extra step, FiberFix may just have a chance.

FiberFix has been tested on many different products, including leaky pipes, barstools, bedpost, and hot tubs. The company does warn consumers that it may not work for every break you come across, so duct tape may still have its place. FiberFix will not work as a simple patch since it must layer upon itself to create a bond. Once it is bonded, though, it can be sanded down and painted over without its integrity being compromised. It is virtually impossible to remove, so don’t try anything crazy like using it as an arm cast. This design makes it more of the long-term fix.

The makers of FiberFix are wanting their invention to become a household name, just like duct tape is now. I suppose if people can give up their emotional attachment to duct tape, they may find they like FiberFix and decide to stick with it.